The story of a constantly evolving company.



History made by winners.

Eurotek is a company in continuous movement always searching for new solutions for the market of cable, pipe and optical fiber. Since 1993, Eurotek has been capable to innovate and put itself to test.

Our uninterrupted research of perfection allows us to create products that are unique, performing, and able to meet all customer’s needs. All products are developed in our headquarters in Lanciano, in Italy. Our cutting-edge plant can rely on a production department with modern machines and advanced technological solutions even for prototyping and research that represent the points of excellence of our design department. Eurotek provides a 100% made in Italy product, a priceless guarantee.

Eurotek aims to meet the needs of customers and partners globally assuming the role of sole interlocutor for the demands of the production chain. Today, it facilitates and simplifies the logistic and technical aspects of every situation. Eurotek deals with the project design and the manufacturing of the extrusion crossheads but also the delivery and their maintenance: it handles every single detail of the customer-tailored product, from the design to the functionality.

The company is like a family: each person is not an ordinary operator but a craftsman and everyone is an expert in the design and manufacturing of the final and highly performing product. In recent years, the company developed several important projects that allowed to build a strong and coherent know-how. As our CEO Sonia Cipolla says, the relation of trust established with the customers and based on the quality of our work and product represents for us a great satisfaction.


A constant global presence.

Eurotek is the Italian excellence the manufacturing of the extrusion crossheads. We contribute to bringing energy around the world with dedication, diligence, perceverance, and with the awareness to able to give always the best.

The fundamental elements of our company are the “human values”: intelligence, talent, creativity, capability to work, and desire to innovate. These are the traits of Eurotek’s coworkers and this is the reason why the company places the human being at the center of each process. When a person feels as an integral part of a system, the obtained results and achieved goals become shared.


"Proud to provide our know-how to the main companies operating worldwide in the cable and wire sector, with our high profile team and our extrusion heads".



Made to work.

Every day Eurotek works to explore new market segments with a strong will of growth, innovation and the desire to bring the excellence of its product in the world.

This allows the company to be updated and prepared for the changes always following its founding values and the Made in Italy ones. Eurotek aims to create a constant expansion network of customers that are able to understand the dynamicity of a company that offers a competitive and efficient work method and the best solutions.

At this historical moment where the conversion into a sustainable production system is not an option but a global duty, the company is committed to align all the processes in compliance with existing laws and respecting our planet.



  • 1

    Year of registration: 1993

    The Wire & Cable conference in Verona attracted an international audience of delegates and was jointly organized by ACIMAF, the Italian Wire Machinery Manufacturers Association and WAI, The Wire Association International, with the sponsorship of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and ITA Italian Trade Agency , with the support of CET, IWMA, IWCEA and EXPOMETAL.

  • 2

    IWMA - International Wire & Machinery Association Ltd
    Year of registration: 1993

    Wire & Cable of Verona. An international meeting to discuss the latest technical innovations with a global view on all issues of specific interest to operators in the wire and cable sector in which Eurotek participated with an exhibition table.

  • 3

    IA - International Association (IA) "Intercable"
    Year of registration: 2019

    57th General Meeting of IA Intercable
    Como, Italy 27-31 maggio 2019

    In the awesome scenerio of Lake Como Eurotek s.r.l. He had the opportunity and the privilege of being able to participate in the entire Italian edition of the Interchangeable. Eurotek was the only extrusion head manufacturer to be able to exhibit its presentation by dealing with topics concerning the processing of the new CPR compounds and raw material savings, with very positive feedback from the participants. Indeed, Eurotek s.r.l. has long been is increasingly attentive to the research and development of the heads.

    58th General Meeting of IA Intercable Monaco, Germany 28 October – 01 November 2019

    As part of the general assembly, there was a scientific and technical symposium on the following topics: Session 1. Improving production technology offers savings. Session 2. Special cables for rail transport: cable structures, technological equipment, materials, control devices. Eurotek took part in a conference held by the Intercable Association in May 2019. Since CIS market is significant for us, we decided to go further and to attend the October Intercable meeting as an applicant company to enter widely this new market. We are grateful to the management of Intercable for the opportunity we were given to present deeply our company to the Intercable’s members and to be officially part of the association.