Satisfaction lies in the smallest detail.


Research and development

Design ideas to improve the future

Research and development play an essential role in the corporate culture of Eurotek as much as competence and safety. The company has an internal R&S lab, a strategic unit aimed at the developing of projects of industrial research, the fine-tuning of solutions of technological innovation and process.

In order to offer increasingly innovative and performing systems that are able to meet the real requests of the market, Eurotek invests in Research & Development following an investment plan that is ambitious and highly competitive at economic and human capital level. Thanks to a close contact with the production department, the technical department is able to analyze the production processes, study and develop increasingly innovative solutions to offer new solutions to the customers, meet their needs and eliminate all types of waste using processes with a low environmental impact.

What does allow this continuous improvement? A synergical work among all the departments that share the same goal: work together to offer a high-quality product looking at the future.


Quality that lasts over time.

The commissioning goal is to improve the quality of the given project. The design and manufacturing team focuses on the targets of the customers to obtain an efficient product.

The company offers a useful service to monitor and verify that the requirements of its products are respected and all the elements are planned, designed and managed in the best way and according to what was previously requested.

The commissioning allows the customers to meet all the set targets and satisfy the projects expectations ensuring that the characteristics of the products correspond to the requested ones.



Technical assistance

Attentive and timely support.

We take our customer assistance very seriously. The technical assistance has always been one of our crucial values: whatever is the problem, the priority is to solve it rapidly and efficiently.

The company makes a thirty-year experience available to look for the solution to every situation. We operate both remotely and locally thanks to a dynamic team able to manage everything in the best way possible. Eurotek is committed to a continuous research of innovative solutions and offers a modular and variable service according to the needs of the customers.

The company is able to provide spare parts for all possible needs, repairs, maintenance, and on-site assistance. A custom-tailored service to satisfy all the needs.

The technical assistance starts in the design phase and continues in the after-sales respecting the current regulations and the standards requested by the customers and the project.


Mechanical processing

  • Eurotek has a mechanical workshop specialized in a wide range of extremely high-quality mechanical processing using in every activity high-precision machines and extremely skilled staff to create a final product.

    Among our main processing, we have:
    • Five-axis milling
    • Turning and micro turning
    • Grinding
    • Wire/tuff electroerosion
    • Polishing
    • Steel and tungsten carbide processing.

    Our skilled operators work the raw materials carefully and systematically following the project of the technical department in order to give shape to what is designed on paper. Each processing is made in a short time optimizing al the manufacturing phases. Last but not least, the finishing phase works made by our operators are accurate and ensure a final product of high-quality and design. Therefore, our manufacturing is unique and inimitable.