Accessories and Optionals


A wide range of accessories and optionals designed by Eurotek to meet customers needs:

  1. Quick Change Color System (fig.A);
  2. By-pass module (fig.B);
  3. Reversing Flow Module (fig.C);
  4. Extruder Connector & Braker Plate (fig.D);
  5. Support Trolley (fig.E);
  6. Distributor (fig.F);
  7. Telescopic Support for Distributor (fig.G);
  8. Thermocouple (fig.H);
  9. Heater (fig.I).

Tools fod head operating & cleaning

Eurotek supplies the crossheads with a complete range of tools (figg. J-K) specifically developed for operating and cleaning (e.g. special brass tools and brushes).

Fig. A

Fig. C

Fig. E

Fig. G

Fig. I

Fig. J

Fig. B

Fig. D

Fig. H

Fig. H

Fig. Ex

Fig. K