Extrusion Crossheads

Monoextrusion Crossheads Series

Standard crossheads for monoextrusion, designed for the insulation of cables in single layer process

Fine Tuning Coextrusion Crossheads Series

Crossheads designed to be equipped with a Fine Tuning System, to allow an easier and fine centering adjustment

Front / Rear Manual Centering Coextrusion Crossheads Series

Coextrusion crossheads with front or rear manual centering, able to work in single layer and in coextrusion mode

Double & Triple Layer Crossheads Series

Heads developed to work in double and triple layer, for filling and sheathing process. Also able to work in single layer mode

Flouropolymer and Technopolymer Crossheads Series

Crossheads totally made of hastelloy developed and designed to extrude fluoropolymers as well as technopolymers

Polyamide Crossheads Series

Developed to apply polyamide layer on the cable as jacketing (THHN cable) or as inner layer as well

Thermoregulated Crossheads Series

Developed to process rubber, silicon rubber, silicon and designet to be thermoregulated by water or oil

Flat Cable Crossheads Series

Crossheads developed and designed for flat cable and to process standard compounds

Longitudinal Heads for Tubes and Pipes

Designed for the extrusion of tubes and pipes and totally made of premium grade hardened stainless steel