A company, a family, a team that is constantly growing


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." (Lao Tzu)

The know-how accumulated over years of experience in this field, the availability of qualified and updated staff, cutting-edge machinery and equipment, the propensity for constant innovation and the attention dedicated to each customer allow us to offer dedicated services and customized products.

It was 1980 when after years of working his way up the ladder as a technical designer in Switzerland, Vincenzo Cipolla started his first company.

In 1993 when Vincenzo Cipolla decided to return to Italy, (his country of birth) that marked a turning point in his career where he founded Eurotek with his daughter Sonia Cipolla in hopes of securing a professional future for him and his family.

We define ourselves as technological craftsmen. We offer solutions with attention to details, precision products with high-quality standards using cutting-edge equipment, advanced and innovative design techniques.

Who we are

A company, a family, a team that is constantly growing

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