For over 30 years we have been producing extrusion heads for companies specialized in the production of electric cables, pipes and manufacturers of extrusion lines.

The know-how accumulated over years of experience in this field, the availability of qualified and updated staff, cutting-edge machinery and equipment, the propensity for constant innovation and the attention dedicated to each customer allow us to offer dedicated services and customized products.

From the project to the finished product

Prototyping, designing, construction and testing, every step in the development of our products from the initial customer request is followed within our company.

This allows us to have optimal control over the progress of the production process, create high-quality products, customized to the actual operational needs of the individual client company.

We attach extreme importance to the relationship and dialogue with the final customer, each product is the result of a collaborative process, which provides for their active involvement.

Whatever your need is, we will support you in the design process, and each solution will be tested until the desired result is achieved.

Rheological study and flow simulation

Eurotek has implemented the research and development department with a flow simulation software, one of the best on the market, useful both for carrying out evaluations on the extrusion heads already produced and for the design of new plants.

The simulation allows us to view the behavior of the material/compound at each point of the process, starting from the extruder output up to the extrusion tooling area.

The software can manage the geometries of the extrusion heads, extrusion tooling, by-passes, distributors, and various accessories. Also, its application fields include the extrusion processes of cable coating (single or multilayer), extrusion of tubes, extrusion of the lining of cores (yarn or rigid), etc.

The simulation results do not only include the flow distribution but also all the shear stress that can cause material stagnation inside the extrusion head and/or poor surface quality at the outlet of the extrusion tooling, in particular, if applied on coextrusion processes, difficulties such as interfacial instabilities can also be solved.

The propensity for constant innovation and the attention dedicated to each customer allow us to offer increasingly cutting-edge services.


  • Optimization of extrusion heads projects without the necessity to physically test the components
  • Minimization of line downtimes
  • Maximization of production
  • Optimization on material selection
  • Optimization of the flow channel
  • Design optimization of mono or coextrusion extrusion tooling
  • Optimization of coextrusion processes
  • Optimization of the cooling sections

Additionally, in the extrusion cable coating field, the software empowers the user to understand/solve the following phenomena:

  • Unbalanced flow at the extrusion tooling outlet (concentricity)
  • High or low extrusion pressure
  • Poor surface quality
  • Material degradation inside the extrusion head
  • Instability during the coextrusion process
  • Layer that detaches and makes hollows during cooling
  • Shrinkage of the material in the cable’s direction
  • Heating/melting of the material during winding
  • Induction and/or microwave heating
  • Low extruder performance due to overvoltage, material overheating, degradation, and material combustion

Precision mechanical processing

In our workshop, equipped with the highest precision materials, is performed a wide range of mechanical processing

Turning and micro-turning

Five-axis milling


Machining on steel and tungsten carbide


EDM (wire/tuff)

Customized laser marking on tools, (Data Matrix / QR Code/ Barcode/ Others)

After-sales technical assistance

We attach great importance to the after-sales support offered to our customers. It is a vital importance for the customer and also an opportunity for growth and improvement for our company, an opportunity to test itself and ensure efficiency and performance adequate to standards.

The availability of an effective filing system allows us to offer continuous assistance and make original spare parts available to the individual customer even years after product delivery.

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