TT Series


Extrusion heads for tubes/pipes

This series is designed for the extrusion of various types of tubes.

TT series works with the manual centering, and they’re generally longitudinal. These extrusion heads can be customised for single layer or multilayer.

The TT series amplifies the performance of your production:

  • Saving on raw material
  • Centering efficiency
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Yields of excellent grade
  • Increase the speed of your production
  • Ensures a high concentricity
  • Excellent quality on the final product

The particular distributor’s channel structure guarantees the perfect thickness of the tube layer, without any welding lines or joints on the product.

In addition to the most common materials, the head allows the processing of high viscosity compounds.

Made in high-quality stainless steel with special surface treatment for an excellent material flow and a lower wear.

A complete range of cleaning, assembly, and disassembly tools for the extrusion head maintenance is included in the delivery of our heads. It also comes with a complete toolbox as well as the extrusion head user manual and the maintenance manual for the correct use of the supplied tools.

We guarantee the supply of any spare parts for all of our extrusion heads.

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